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Re: Grappling In Aikido

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Similar to judo? It's the standard Judo katame waza lesson: yoko shiho, kami shiho, ushiro kesa, tate shiho. I was taught the katame waza that way.
BJJ was derived from earlier version (pre World War II) of Kodokan Judo. There are many variations of Jujutsu schools (ryu). Jujutsu is the father of Judo, Aikido and Brazilian Jujutsu. If you look at a practitioner of BJJ and Kodokan Judo, they are almost the same. The original forms of Kodokan Judo uses a lot of the same techniques.

Ground fighting is important and no person can always insure that they will not go to the ground, better to know how to handle yourself in a situation like this as it arises. This is why you see a 7th dan Aikido sensi, Sensei Masatomi Ikeda teaching this to his students.
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