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Re: Grappling In Aikido

First off, I have to agree with Don. It's definitely Judo. It's the first 4 basic katame waza that you go thru in the sequence demonstrated. I would also agree that it was kinda sloppy. However, to give the benefit of doubt, it may be possible that he was only demonstrating shifting positions rather than the actual technique itself or the finer points of technique. So the hips too high may just be an exaggerated movement for demonstration, but I can't fathom the disconnectedness though.

While Phil has a valid point, my counter argument would be that knowing how to at least escape from the mount or guard is a useful thing, even if you don't want to engage in a full-on groundfight. But sometimes you just don't have a choice, and knowing how to extricate and counter on the ground is just another tool in your toolbox.

Sure it might not look like a very dignified practice, but if you somehow find yourself in a very undignified and compromising position, at least you'll know what to do with the SOB forcing himself on you.

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