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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Way out of line and absurd to boot. Have you ever even been to Japan? Living in the South gives you a better perspective on the Japanese mind than decades of residence and study that Peter has? Come on man...
Dear me. Who said better? I said different. And I have been. Yabusame at the Hachiman shrine is very fun to watch. The hills above Kamakura are lovely to hike, and there is this little grotto shrine up there with some mighty fine cold beer at the little cafe/concession adjoining it.

I've taught Japanese sailors to hunt American submarines, and their aviators how we operate our ships and helicopter teams. I've been in exercises with them, and embarked on a JMSDF ship, in Yokosuka and in Hawaii. I traded wings with a fellow helo-driver. Pretty things with a flower over the anchor -- my wife much prefers them, actually.

If, for the sake of discussion, we are trading bona fides (which is by no means in my mind some ticket to a discussion about the effects of war and the ulterior feelings or motivations that are involved in both war an budo), but since we are -- if I may ask, what military experience do you have with the Japanese?

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