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Hello Chad,

First off let me start by saying that I am firmly rooted in the Ki camp of aikido. Second let me say that I also agree with many of the posters here when they say it's not the content of your posts that we find so disagreeable, it's the tone.

Let me put it a little differently. I recently had a new student show up to my class. He practiced the same style but at a different dojo. As everyone knows even withing styles things happen differently from dojo to dojo. Instead of hanging back and seeing how we did it and making the effort to fit in he just went about doing things his way and ended up making a small spectacle of himself. We haven't seen him again.

What I'm saying is that the forums are just like a dojo. All are welcome, but it's the new persons job to fit into the dynamic that's already there. Anyone who makes an honest effort, even if they occasionally fail, are welcomed with open arms. Anyone who doesn't make that effort will eventually begin to feel like an outsider and leave.

The prevailing feeling (as I read it) about your posts ISN'T the content. It's that you're not making the effort to follow the established etiquette, and traditions of this little online dojo.

Just my thought,

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