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William Hazen wrote: View Post
Watched a bunch of the You Tubes and this is Oyata at his best.

On a side note I should mention that Bryner Sensei is Semi retired (he's got his hands full with twin girls while his wife runs the Dojo and thier businesses) But if you're ever in LA and want to practice with Fowler Sensei, Bryner Sensei, or me... drop me a line. We are all within a couple of miles of each other.

William Hazen
Wow, I just put this together. Robert Bryner used to teach Aikido in Santa Cruz at a dojo that was formerly called Aikido of Santa Cruz (but definitely not the dojo that is called that now). A good musician friend of mine used to train there, too. My friend recalls very fondly to me the time he was launched in space and for a very expansive amount of footage, resolutely and 'mysteriously' by Robert Sensei. Bryner Sensei's co-cho was Greg Brodsky who now teaches Tai Chi.
As it happens, my same friends kids practiced with me for quite awhile. And Brodsky Sensei's sons are very good friends of mine. All in the family!

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