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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Second Vision - December 1940
Attack on Pearl Harbor - December 1941
Retirement to Iwama - (?) 1942

My understanding is that the tide of the Pacific War, which up until then had been marked by a continuing series of Japanese victories, turned in about mid 1942. Of course the average Japanese citizen would more than likely be completely unaware of this (until being directly bombed as every MAJOR CITY eventually was up until Japan's surrender, and even then might not feel safe to point out the obvious openly) but a person that had deep political and military connections, especially Naval connections, would probably know the facts and the predicted outcome.

Despite such knowledge some might choose to stay in harm's way up to the bitter end. But other's might choose to "step off the line" and not be there (Omoto Supression 1 & 2, Iwama retirement 1942) maybe even eventually "standing behind" their attacker (Hiding in Osaka Police Cheif's house, teaching for Military establishment, demonstrating for and teaching foreigners).

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Hi Allen,

I found an interesting bit of info from the link you provided later.

Shioda wrote:
In 1941, when Ueshiba Sensei gave his last demonstration at the Hibiya Kokaido, he said, "My technical training ends now. Henceforth I will dedicate myself to serving the kami [dieties] and training my spirit."
I wonder if Ueshiba had already made the decision to turn aside from the war before it started going badly for Japan? It will be interesting to read the next installment that takes us up to the war years.

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