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Re: Soft and hard

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... I get the feeling that we talk about different forms of aikido that should not really be compared.
There is only one Aikido.
And all must compare themselves to it. Everything else is just simply another person's dilema and it doesn't matter. Your aiki is strong, or it is week. Call it shugyo or gong-fu-no matter. Regardless of who's mat or what art you face or even just life-It's your own hard work that will fail or prevail and no one else's. What else matters?
It's why Ueshiba saw aikido everywhere and acknowledged it as such. Then shouted that people in his own dojo were in fact not doing Aikido!
And it's why you can see so much Aikido and say "That's not Aikido." To me it's clear as a bell (pun intended).
Makes perfect sense.
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