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Re: If you disagree with your instructor's explanations...

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Hi Joep,
Don't forget, we are doing martial art, it is not a class of philosophy or how to discuss ideas.Whatever works phisically - you can't argue.If you disagree with some interpretation of technique, but instructor still can throw you, it simple means that your judgement is wrong.Face this brutal reality like a men
I'm all for backing up ideas physically, but if the instructor still can throw me, it can mean to things:
1) there was no opening to begin with;
2) there was an opening, but I lacked the skill to exploit it.

You can counter a technique because it has at least one opening, and not because you know what is coming.
But if you know what is coming and you adapt your attack (as uke) to create the desired opening in tori/nage's technique so that you can counter it, you are doing something quite skillful, but it is no longer an honest evaluation of the technique. It's winning a technical argument at the cost of sincerity. And that's what I see happening all of the time.

I know that it is very difficult for instructor ego, when his student can reverse his technique - but it is the only way for them to improve understanding of aikido .
If you actually teach this way, more power to you!
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