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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

Second Vision - December 1940
Attack on Pearl Harbor - December 1941
Retirement to Iwama - (?) 1942

My understanding is that the tide of the Pacific War, which up until then had been marked by a continuing series of Japanese victories, turned in about mid 1942. Of course the average Japanese citizen would more than likely be completely unaware of this (until being directly bombed as every MAJOR CITY eventually was up until Japan's surrender, and even then might not feel safe to point out the obvious openly) but a person that had deep political and military connections, especially Naval connections, would probably know the facts and the predicted outcome.

Despite such knowledge some might choose to stay in harm's way up to the bitter end. But other's might choose to "step off the line" and not be there (Omoto Supression 1 & 2, Iwama retirement 1942) maybe even eventually "standing behind" their attacker (Hiding in Osaka Police Cheif's house, teaching for Military establishment, demonstrating for and teaching foreigners).

The facts are the facts. The spin (interpretation) is in the eye of the beholder.

Personally, I'm all for the presentation of new facts. I also like to consider different, likely, interpretations of the facts, based on the facts, by individuals well aquatinted with the facts, who are open open and will to accept new information and new possible interpretations.

This is one of the great things about Peter's posts, whether or not you agree with his interpretations, he is presenting a great deal of information, in condensed form, that most individuals either don't have access to, the ability to read, or don't avail themselves of. This alone is well worth (more than) the price of admission. Beyond that, Peter is a scholar and, although this isn't a presentation to his (academic) peers, he retains much of the traits that make such a work more valuable than the average book intended for mass consumption. Finally, his interpretations (which he has typified as "personal musings") are that of a Professor of a Japanese University (which gives him a unique status in the hierarchical societal structure of Japan BTW), a long time Aikido practitioner/teacher under several notable sensei, a political figure of some stature within the largest (I believe) Aikido organization in the world, and a personal acquaintance (at least he had access to personal conversations) with the 2nd Doshu.

Peter is retired now and sharing information and "personal musings" in a respectful, empowering (He's not telling folks "the truth" or "his side of the story." He has repeatedly shared his sources, encouraged individuals to read and research, and he also has been very respectful of other's interpretations and other's right to draw their own conclusions. All this presented in a, heretofore, unprecedented manner (shear volume [information per paragraph], expense [free], public).

With appreciation and respect,


~ Allen Beebe
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