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As regards to the discussion of using atemi to "stop" the attacker, in the sense of giving them a "choice" to do so, or other forms of "one-hit wonders", I offer you this in reply:

Now THAT's stopping an attacker cold.

PS: I can't believe that the original intent of this discussion was for a game character....
Thanks for the videos and it brought back a rush of good memories.

Robert Bryner Sensei The man who was responsible for bringing Shoji Nishio the the United States has studied with Oyata Sensei for several decades. He has incorporated many Ryu Te style techniques into our Aikido since he is a high ranking Yudansha in both. His videos "Supplemental Training Methods foir Aikido practice Volumes 1 and 2" are keepers if you can find them. He has been a great teacher and a good friend for many many years. So yes I have actual experience with using the training methods shown in the videos through Bob's incorporation of Ryu Te into Nishio Ryu Aikido and having seen Oyata Sensei in person... All I can say his internal power is legendary. Bob is no longer allowed to teach Aikido and Ryu Te together but if you want to learn how to strike with "using your whole body" or execute Aikido "using your whole body" You can't go wrong with Ryu Te in conjunction with our Aikido.

In studying both the You Tubes Videos of Aikido and RyuTe you will notice that both have the same "not fighting stance" and both end the conflict at the moment of contact. Now perhaps one may think of this as being somewhat "kindergarten-ish" but it is approach is Martially Effective and to be considered Budo Martial Effectiveness is essential.

Here is Bob's Web Site.

For those of you in Southern California or in LA during the first weekend in August (The 2nd & 3rd) Koji Yoshida Shihan will be at Santa Monica High for his annual seminar on Shoji Nishio's Aikido and Iaido. You can get the basics from Bob's website or PM me for more info. All are welcome to attend.

William Hazen

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