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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

John Brockington wrote: View Post

Thank you for the information, I had not seen that before in "Budo." That does explain Ueshibal's presence there. On a side note, forgive my ignorance, but what exactly was Japan doing in Manchuria in 1942?


Rather than give a long explanation here, I suggest that you look at two books: Louise Young, Japan's Total Empire: Manchuria and the Culture of Wartime Imperialism, 1998/1999 California U P; and Shin'ichi Yamamura, Manchuria Under Japanese Dominion, 2006, University of Pennsylvania Press.

Manchuria is really part of Japan's response to the "Great Game", namely, the colonization of Asia by Western powers.

To continue Erick Mead's point about context, Japan's conquest of Manchuria offers another context to what I might call the 'Culture of Yamato-damashii / Kokutai'.


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