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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8


But's that just it, the context (of O Sensei's actions and teaching) is what is in question, or let's just say it is what is being examined and commented upon. Before, the only context provided was from Kisshomaru and other sources that had significant vested interest in maintaining a particular perception of O Sensei, and quite possibly of themselves, too. So who does one believe, and just exactly how circumspect should we be in interpreting anything we are told about O Sensei? Now, no one would thoughtfully accuse Allen Dershowitz of opposing civil liberties, because there is a preponderance of evidence to the contrary. But then, no one has really tried to mythologize Allen Dershowitz (that I know of, but I'm no lawyer) so there is little to contend. I, for one, am interested in seeing where the preponderance of evidence falls, with further objective research and scholarly discussion of O Sensei's place in history. Of course, there is a personal context to all history, but then if that's all it gets down to, then the question of what to believe about anyone's motives and intentions and life's work is a simple matter of picking one side, and one myth, and rationalizing away any unsavory aspects.


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