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Not a master, so no bowing please

anywho, if you are looking for strikes for a character whose basics are striiking and whose advanced waza are throwing and locking, I'd consider the following:

Low kicks to legs
stop kicks
knife edge strikes with the hands
palm strikes with the hands
nuckle strikes to soft parts
maybe some knee strikes.

Then set up your character to do throws and such from there. Sounds like an interesting project!
Good luck,
Thank you, but I've got the normals done now, as well as her two standard throws. Now I'm working on specials and supers (this is a Street Fighter type of game. If you're familiar with 2D fighting games at all, you should know that particular one, as it's the grandfather of them all).

I'm working on her specials and supers now. One of her specials is called Intercept and it's basically a counter special, where she counters an attack with a throw.

Assuming I have them described right, for a mid attack, it's an Iriminage. Low attacks are countered with what's supposed to be a kaitennage and highs...well, I just kind of winged that one, but it counters jump ins.

Due to the nature of the game, I had to modify her standard throws ( kokyu nage and sumi otoshi...or at least they're supposed to be) to them being done by her as the attacker, since the throws are done by button presses and you can't wait for the other player to attack to throw (well, unless he misses, but it's not like how most of the Aikidokas I've seen videos do theirs). And you can't have a character with multiple counter moves that make up their movelists, otherwise they wouldn't stand a chance against other characters, since those kinds of moves require you to anticipate your opponent's next move (kind of like real life).

Most of her stuff, however, involves manipulation and creation of light for attacks. Like ki attacks in japanese anime, but hers is real light, not ki formed light (ki used like that is also used, but not for this girl. Her's is the real deal and is a bit more...pure, if you will). Storywise, she uses this to keep the opponent at bay and/or to deter them from coming any closer .

As far as gameplay, due to the engine, she'll have at least a couple things that'd allow a player to put up a more offensive fight in game, even though, if the character were fighting in real life, she wouldn't be fighting like that. Most of her stuff, however, are best used for counters and keep aways, even has a move that'll absorb (or absorb and counter) or reflect projectiles. She also has a healing super, and may be able to heal others storywise (that one I'm debating, but at least herself). These are just mild and moderate physical injuries though, or to give back a boost of energy, not curing cancer, aids, whatever.

I still have a bit more to do with her, but now that the normals are done, it shouldn't be too much longer. I had been thinking of, if it's not a bother to anyone else, posting some of what she can do (at least her atemi, throws, and anything else related to Aikido) on here...not the full character page, just the descriptions (so it wouldn't include the command for, say, Intercept). Or at least, pm it to someone willing to give it a look, to see if it fits. I've got a thing about trying to stay as accurate as I can to things, given circumstances on this project .

Also, thanks to senshin. The original concept belongs to the friend mentioned in the last post, that helped with the style. She came up with the idea of her character being defensive and the healing super, kind of implying the peaceful thing. I ended up coming up with the moves. I'm pushing for her to still be in high school, since she mirrors the main character's (a water elemental who's starting his first year of college in the game, but he's more like...the raging currents of the sea, if you will) younger sister, an offensive shadow elemental (ability to create and manipulate darkness).

Thanks for the encouragement you two above.

If it doesn't work out, I at least have more than enough background info and characters for a novel or two .
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