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David, nothing against the style, but I don't feel Aikido is for me. From a combat standpoint, I am a striker through and through. I mentioned this to someone in pm, but from watching the videos of Aikido, it looks like you'd need a lot of patience to be effective in the style. I personally don't feel like I have the patience necessary to effectively train and master Aikido.

However, as this thread has continued, and my searches outside of this site, I have been gaining more and more respect for the style and the people that practice it. You all make it look so easy, but I suppose that comes from all the practice you have been putting into it.

When I first looked up Aikido, the sites and videos I had originally looked at, I didn't see anyone attacking (other than the uke). All I saw were masters redirecting people and throwing them. When people like me, that are outsiders to the art, see that, a lot of times we tend to think that's ALL the style offers.

However, during the course of my research, I've come across some attacks, but not too many. From reading of (supposedly for some wikipedia) what Aikido is supposed to be about, I began to wonder how the strikes I read about did fit in.

I must admit that the original purpose of this was for a school project I'm getting a head start on. I'm attending a video game making college (well others, but I'm majoring in that) and my project is a 2 dimensional fighting game. One of the characters is a peaceful high school girl that, storywise, focuses more on defense and trying not to hurt the opponent too badly when fighting. Me and a friend both looked at several martial arts and came to the conclusion that the best two styles for her (we wanted her to be a martial artist) were Tai Chi Quan (or Chan, or whatever) and Aikido. From there, we settled on Aikido.

Another friend of mine claimed Aikido isn't a good style for the type of game we're doing, but I personally disagree. From there, I started my research.

I've been trying to come up with a list of strikes for her normal attacks (normals = strikes and are needed there...they're the most basic attacks a character has. Throws, redirects, and counters are in a different category). That's been the hardest part in designing the girl, was the normals, since there was (prior to this thread) too little information I could find.

As I said before, this thread has helped me out tremendously, I appreciate all of you that have responded here. I'm also very happy that it is still going on and that it continues to do so. As I said before, the more this thread has gone on, the more I have learned about Aikido (from videos and discussion), not just in relation to strikes. The more I've learned about Aikido, the more respect I have gained for the style and its practitioners.

Been a while since I've been in a dojo, but I believe bowing to your superiors is still the accepted form of showing respect.

So, I bow before you all, masters, teachers, and students alike, for being kind enough to share your knowledge and thoughts.

Thank you so much for it.
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