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Originally posted by nikon
I was told that weights are bad for your Aikido training because you tend to use your strength rather than your ki(muscling your way through difficult situations) during training.
Most beginners do that anyway - no matter how well tuned their muscle mass is. If you made the point that a weight lifter would have a much harder time getting past strength since that was what he had been previously emphasizing I would tend to agree. I would also say that the big and bulky boys often loose muscle mobility and that definately works against your Aikido.

Strength is an important part of Aikido as Budo. Good technique is beyond strength but once your partner starts to resist a little bit of muscle goes a long way.

Great story Erik - of course our man Ueshiba M. spent a lot of time becoming strong like bull, eh?

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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