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Originally posted by chadsieger
Firstly, I don't mean to offend anyone. My intention is not to preach or talk down to anyone.
Yet you seem to do so
The purpose of my posts are simply to advise those just begining their martial arts journey, those who are dissatisfied with or just looking for more from their training, or those who simply are getting on in years and are looking for a way to make those old techniques still work now that the body is not so willing. If you have already decide not to persue the ki aspect of martial arts, than I am sorry and that is your decision. If you are still undecided as to its existence and purpose/usefulness in martial arts and especially Aikido, please feel free to read my posts.
Maybe using a more friendly and open style of writing instead of seemingly ranting about "How you or your teacher are right and the rest of the world does not have a clue about Ki, Aikido, Budo or the meaning of life, the universe and everthing else.
I don't care about organizations
Fair enough, but don't use that as another reason for the proof of your rightousness.
I don't care about history

or pride.
Sofar everything you wrote seemed to be very pride orientated.
I don't care about belts, I don't care about rankings.
Aikido and martial arts in general hold so many more rewards. Go through my posts looking for what you can use, not what to pick at. That's Aikido!
Why does everyone who seems to be "spreading the holy word" always complain that they are picked on??
Do the feeling of righteousness, the superiority complex and paranoia go hand in hand?
Mr. Hocker, the visiting sensei was interestingly enough looking for new students at his local dojo.
Sad, but a simple reflection of the true world.
My sensei does not charge to train (novel eh?).
Not really uncommon or unheard of. You claiming it to be special suggest you havent seen much of the real world yet.
Needless to say, he has not come back, nor did any or our students leave. If I see him again, I'll suggest for him to train with us.
This is just another way of saying your right ad we are wrong. Just another way of saying you know best. Just another way of saying your sensei is better than mine (or something similar).

Frankly looking at your post I think I find them annoying and arrogant. Somehow they touch exactly that point in the forum that is to provock lots of responses.

Therefor I will now point my finger at you and shout "TROLL ,BEWARE THERE IS A TROLL IN THE WOODS"

Erik Jurrien Menzel
kokoro o makuru taisanmen ni hirake
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