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Originally posted by chadsieger
I don't care about organizations, I don't care about history or pride. I don't care about belts, I don't care about rankings. Aikido and martial arts in general hold so many more rewards.
I only ask so that some context can be provided. On these forums we have people ranging from only thinking about joining a dojo to those with a serious number of years under their belt - each and everyone provides their opinion. How far along the journey are you? It really is hard to determine that from your posts - at the moment I have you pegged as a hyper-enthusiastic beginner - please correct me if I'm wrong. Let me be clear, it's not the view of Ki that is causing the reaction it's the style. Craig Hocker for example is firmly entrenched in the Ki camp, he is listened to and debated with - no problems. He is also a known entity.

Organization: this forum is all about breaking down false barriers - still it provides context.

History: Can't dismiss that - it's where everything springs from. We are not re-inventing Aikido.

Belts/ranking/pride - doesn't seem to matter too much here. Criteria vary too broadly for it to mean much.

And gee - when I taught I took no money either. It's not that uncommon.

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