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Re: Weight lifting and Aikido

Originally posted by Miguel Cuevas
My only concern is that some of the literature have I read says that muscle mass is usually a no-no when it comes to aikido. I want greater hand and lower abdomen strength, along with a healthier body all around. Will weightlifting have a detrimental effect on my progression in aikido? If not, where could I learn about which excercises would best supplement my aikido training? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Only this weekend I was told something by Henry Kono Sensei, a direct student of O'Sensei, about this. (I will try to tell it as well as I remember, hoping not to distort to much what I was told, but I am not perfect, nor was I at the event discribed, so it probably will vary a little from what Henry Kono sensei told me.)
At hombu dojo (in the sixties) there was a student (forgot his name) who said he would get strong and would go and pump iron. One morning he did and that afternoon he was training Aikido. O'Sensei threw him once and looked puzzled, threw him again and then said "You have been doing something else, something I didnt tell you. Stop it!"

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