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Ai symbol

Firstly, I don't mean to offend anyone. My intention is not to preach or talk down to anyone. The purpose of my posts are simply to advise those just begining their martial arts journey, those who are dissatisfied with or just looking for more from their training, or those who simply are getting on in years and are looking for a way to make those old techniques still work now that the body is not so willing. If you have already decide not to persue the ki aspect of martial arts, than I am sorry and that is your decision. If you are still undecided as to its existence and purpose/usefulness in martial arts and especially Aikido, please feel free to read my posts.
I don't care about organizations, I don't care about history or pride. I don't care about belts, I don't care about rankings. Aikido and martial arts in general hold so many more rewards. Go through my posts looking for what you can use, not what to pick at. That's Aikido!
Mr. Hocker, the visiting sensei was interestingly enough looking for new students at his local dojo. My sensei does not charge to train (novel eh?). Needless to say, he has not come back, nor did any or our students leave. If I see him again, I'll suggest for him to train with us.
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