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Re: Weight lifting and Aikido

Originally posted by Miguel Cuevas
I used to lift weights about 6 years ago, and I'm thinking about purchasing a weight set for my home. I train at my dojo 3 times a week and I practice at home by myself on the days I don't go. I thought it would be great to intergrate a weight lifting program (utilizing light weights) into my daily stretching and aikido practice.
Other than safety because you are at home, I'm not sure what would be wrong with using heavier weights, whatever that means. Otherwise it just becomes an endurance program.

My only concern is that some of the literature have I read says that muscle mass is usually a no-no when it comes to aikido.
Only in Aikido are we not allowed to use modern training methods. Just about every sport on the planet derives benefits from weight training. The idea that weights are bad is pretty much a myth but then you are hanging out in a realm where people believe the unbendable arm is the result of ki so what can I say.

Will weightlifting have a detrimental effect on my progression in aikido?
Probably not! I'd say no but then you may hurt yourself lifting weights so it could technically be detrimental.

If not, where could I learn about which excercises would best supplement my aikido training? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
There are a number of basic books and programs out there. Four books have stood out to me.

Flawless by Bob Paris

Excellent all around weight program. Paris is one of the best writers on the topic and it's a book that beginners could work from.

Condition the NBA Way by a bunch of people

I like this book mostly because it was a complete program with weights and the like but it takes a lot of time. Too much time for most of us.

The Complete Book Of Abs by Kurt Brungardt

Tons and tons of stomach exercises, they work and the basic program starts slow.

If you just want to get into incredible fitness:

Maximum Fitness by Stewart Smith, former Seal

or for the easier version

I blew my shoulder out after I did the first day of Maximum Fitness and never went back but it is fairly free of weights. If my shoulder comes back I'll probably revisit the Seal PT program.

For what it's worth there are a couple of books out there with a MA focus in terms of weightlifting. I've never seen one that I thought went very far in terms of meat. I'd much rather go direct to guys like Paris or Brungardt.
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