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Back to the topic.

William Hazen
To put that more specifically, for future's meant to be open, to talk about striking in general and how people feel it applies to Aikido, general questions, videos (if wanting to post), comments on those videos and what the people in them are doing, or comparing them to other styles like me and Inocencio have been doing here in the thread.

My original questions have been pretty much answered, but I was hoping it'd stay up like it is, which I've been surprised and happy about it still going. I'm also happy that it's not become too much like a repeate of the related threads at the bottom that I looked through...which I didn't know where there, but then I hadn't thought to search through forums outside of this one either. Oh well.

In fact, I was going to post something here at some point for some critique, if it's not too much of a bother. I still have some things to finish up though, so it'll be a bit.

So anyway, you all are still on topic, even if it is different from me and others may be talking about at the moment.

Oh, and Inocencio, I realized I hadn't gone entirely in to my style, so I'll go ahead and do that now, as a guide.

My style is primarily an American version of Karate Jitsu, though I mix a bit of Tae Kwon Do in it too, with mulitple kicks and axe kicks. I already covered how we use elbows and round kicks.

Our front kicks are more like Muay Thai. We don't chamber and snap them forward, we chamber then shove it forward bottom foot first, same with our sidekicks. Our sidekicks though, they're just mid and only with the front leg, but I tend to throw them at high and low levels, as well as use my rear leg too.

Our punches are a bit like boxing, with some backfists and hammer fists thrown in. We also have some...reverse uppercuts, for lack of a better term. Similar concept, but going down instead of up.

We've also got some diagonal uppercuts (like an uppercut, but going up at an angle rather than straight up) that I thought were hooks, but apparently I've been wrong and what I thought were crosses were actually hooks...but I'm going to go by what I thought, correct me if wrong and/or you know.

What I thought were crosses are similar to the elbow crosses I described earlier, but with a punch instead. Bring the arm up and do a horizontal punch, arm going across your line of sight, like this

It's more a mma type of style, the way we trained. We learn ground work, but not much. We were a very small class, all but me were military and had to miss several classes. I was the only one there most of the time. My instructor didn't like to teach the grappling unless at least one other person was there, so I don't have much experience with that...just arm and leg bars.

So, for anyone there specific counters you'd have to those kinds of strikes, or anything you'd strike back with to distract me or something else? Or is that just all situational and different each time?

If someone from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or other grapplig style, has you down on the ground, how would you get out of that? Would you resort to striking then, or do you have something else to get you out of that?
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