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Not bad for basics but I have to tell a seasoned or experinced Muay Thai or MMA Guy hurts when you dear Aikidoka "parry". I would be much more about letting the attack pass the way we are taught in Nishio Aikido only because I have to tell you...It's only in the (dojo and on video) that an experianced striker or kicker use a straight punch or kick. Muay Thai fighters will just stay outside and destroy your base with kicks to the shins and thighs (and they fooking hurt if you don't know how to handle them) and a striker will do the same.

So no "parrying" also we don't give away our intention by using a "fighting stance"

In fact on Spike's UFC Fight this weekend Anderson Silva showed exactly what you can do in his fight. Anderson showed his opponent a small opening.The guy threw a side kick... Silva stepped in Irimi caught the guys leg trapping it by the heel, and then pulled his leg slightly forward and at that moment his opponent was completely helpless... The Spider finished with a solid "atemi" to the chin. Out go the lights...

It was awesome.

And don't get me started and Fedyor my Hero but what a fight that would be (wait I am going off on a fanboy woot! Sorry) if Silva stayed at 205

The only place folks throw straight punches is in most Aikido Dojos. Even in old school Karate Dojos these days straight punches are becoming obsolete.

You have to set Uke up otherwise your telegraphing your intentions. I'll let you know in a decade or so if I figure this out.

I think Sensei Dardi from Syria had a series of excellent vids on how to handle that kinds of attacks you're likely to see from an experianced fighter in regard to how to use basic Atemi.

If he reads this perhaps he'll post them again. It was good stuff

William Hazen

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