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Miguel Cuevas
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Weight lifting and Aikido

I am new to aikido, having been traing in the art for about 2 months. I absolutely love it.
I used to lift weights about 6 years ago, and I'm thinking about purchasing a weight set for my home. I train at my dojo 3 times a week and I practice at home by myself on the days I don't go. I thought it would be great to intergrate a weight lifting program (utilizing light weights) into my daily stretching and aikido practice.
My only concern is that some of the literature have I read says that muscle mass is usually a no-no when it comes to aikido. I want greater hand and lower abdomen strength, along with a healthier body all around. Will weightlifting have a detrimental effect on my progression in aikido? If not, where could I learn about which excercises would best supplement my aikido training? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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