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I appreciate the feedback, I really do. You've helped me out tremendously with my project (see my intro thread, if you have't already for what that is). A lot of the stuff here has been informative for someone like me, who is unfamiliar with the style beyond the throwing and redirections described by other sites and shown on the videos.

Stefan, I read through your site there, it was also very informative, and your writing in the book excerpts was well done.

Inocencio, thanks for that video. Elbow striking form, huh? I'm not sure how close it is, but these are the types of elbows we used in my last style.

Elbow Up: pretty much, think of an uppercut, but with the elbow instead.

Elbow Angle Up: similar to the above, but at an angle.

Elbow Cross: pretty much a horizontal elbow strike.

Elbow Angle Down: Similar to Angle Up, but at a downward angle instead.

Elbow Drop: just as it sounds, just dropping the elbow down on someone.

We also had a spinning variation and back variations. Our back variations were basically just straight shots back though, but we had one going to the stomach and one going upward, like into the face.

Anything similar to what you do there?
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