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Re: Sensei? Sempai?

Well it seems that this topic is true to Aikido - (namely a million different ways to skin the cat)

But in the end there is a common thread behind it all.

Matthew it was interesting what you said about Shodokan.
I have been trying to nail exactly what style best fits what we do...because it seems we are a blend of a few, contrasting, systems.
(Which is good.)

I saw some clips on youtube when I searched for Shodokan Aikido, and their zealousness has some semblance in what we do.

Anyway - from what Im gathering, it seems with our system a master is equivalent to the word sensei. (Which starts at 3rd dan.) Again, this is what I gather from how I understand the Hungarian.

Point is, the guys 3rd degree and above really are fluid, and have basically been doing it their whole life it seems.

I agree with Jennifer about her comment where people can take things a bit to serious. I understand, somewhat, where the orginal posters Sempai is coming from. They are 'into' the art and are trying to be as 'pure' to it as they can be. (This to is good, each has to float their own boat, as it were.)




Just wanted to add, the more I learn about Aikido - the more, as I said above, I realize that it truly is a diverse system unto itself. So many comments are here and there about what works and what doesnt. People put Aikido in a box and dont realize there are multiple boxes with the name Aikido on it.

Be true to yourself.

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