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Re: Atemi

Don J. Modesto wrote: View Post
Poor Stanley. All his copyrighted vids online for free...
If you read the comments, people are asking where they can buy the whole DVD.

I bought all three DVD volumes plus "Yurusu Budo" as a discounted set from Aikido Journal..

OB Aikido - Nishio Sensei writes in "Yurusu Budo":
...As for striking there at least ten different strikes using the hands... There are also about five types of strikes using the elbows, and two or three basic patters used for linking several strikes together in succession.
... Unlike other arts such as karate, striking in aikido is not used to win the conflict with a single devastating blow, but rather to divert the opponent's attention momentarily and to upset his posture and equilibrium. Consequently, the must useful strikes are those such as spear-hand thrusts and palm-heel strikes, which can be used to attack the neck, eyes, armpits and other vital points generally difficult or impossible to reinforce.
If you are serious about your aikido training, then I very much urge you to acquire at least a minimum knowledge of striking.
In our own training we practice the hiji-kata (elbow striking form) as taught by Nishio Sensei.

Inocencio Maramba, MD, MSc
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