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Re: Atemi

I've seen a bit of the ol' middle knuckle pressure point strikes. I've also seen quite a bit of the vertical fist kind of striking, reminding me of what I've seen in Wing Chun. My sensei once showed me an opening I was presenting by giving a quick forward kick, along the lines of what I've seen in karate, but generally speaking I don't see kicks happening much.
Beyond that it's mostly tegatana stuff, which seems to more or less include the surface from the edge of the palm to the elbow (I've seen quite a bit of elbow atemi in my own training...or at least those tend to stand out to me).
My understanding of strikes (per what I've picked up in Aikido) is more positional than technical. If, say, a suppression technique doesn't control my whole body, where ever my free hand is located, that's where the strike originates from, traveling as directly as possible into the closest part/target of my partner's body. Typically, I'm trying to keep my hands near my center line and am always squeezing the halves of my body toward I understand it anyway. When someone grabs my lead hand instead of suppressing my center with it, for example, my other hand wants to strike the grabbing hand.

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