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I understand that Aikido is based more on throws, but I was wondering how striking fits into it.

I have looked through the wiki and the articles, but some of them seemed a bit...vague.

I matched some of the strikes and kicks from the articles up with the ones from the wiki and narrowed it down somewhat.

Some things I were wondering that I didn't see the names of the different attacks, are strikes generally knife hand strikes, striking with the same edge you'd use in a karate chop? Are thrusts always referring to punches?

On kicks, the two I saw on the wiki (front and roundhouse kick) were mid level (like striking the stomach or ribs). The article mentioned a sidekick, but doesn't give a level. My question here, are there various levels for sidekicks and roundhouse kicks, like there are in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai?

Do the strikes in Aikido come from other Asian martial arts that I could use as a reference?

To clarify, my definition of a roundhouse kick (though in the style I trained in, we just called it a round kick) is like those used in Muay Thai: kind of like swinging the leg (sometimes turning around with it, but not always) around to kick, rather than raising the knee and snapping it sideways. We did ours on low, middle, and high levels, though we normally stuck with striking the legs and the ribs (low and mid respectively).

Thanks ahead of time, for the info.
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