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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

Jason Mayo wrote: View Post
Accounts are fine, stories are great, but witnesses dont make good storytellers, especially in the aikido world (c'mon, we all know shioda sensei told some real doozies).
I don't think Aikido folks are any different from most other folks. People are ignorant by nature. I understand that even the most perceptive of folks miss things. Human nature seems to readily allow one understanding to obfuscate another...except for me of course, I'm the exception that proves the rule.

Can you honestly say youve never seen anyone just take fake ukemi? Never seen anyone just fall down when nothing happened? We all want to believe amazing things are possible, but isnt it more likely that this is whats happening here?
I'm the wrong person to ask. I've got very little experience here. I've seen lots of things I didn't understand though. A perfect example was the first time I saw Aikido waza in person. It looked completely fake, but I'm one of the more open-minded people I know so I gave it a try a few years later when I had the opportunity. I still train there whenever I get the chance to. I'm far from being even a mediocre student of Aikido, let alone the Martial Arts, but what I've learned at my dojo has been useful to me in everything from soccer to scrapping around with my buddies to my job in construction...not to mention the intagibles.

Even with more martial techniques, do you really think its neccesary to do a breakfall on any technique other than koshi-waza?
Assuming we share the same meaning of what a breakfall is, yes: any time someone throws but doesn't let go. But, learning to land on the ground (break a fall) from a variety of movements is pretty useful stuff in my opinion.

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