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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

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No thanks
Hi Dan,

Of course, I did know what your answer would be. Oh, and when I said, "ask him yourself" I left it open as to in what form you might choose to ask.

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I would be more happy to have him try and throw me either that way in particular or in any other way he thought possible. Hell I won't even fight back, I'll just use my meager understanding to try and absorbed and redirect, you know-try and keep up. I'll just be standing there and moving a little bit and seeing what power level and understanding of aiki he has-one on one. I don't want to hurt the guy or cause harm.
Well Dan, I would certainly do anything within my power to try and open the opportunity to you. Unfortunately, for you mostly, I am not sure this will ever happen.

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As you can tell, I am just not buying it-even for one minute. I went down this road with some big shots before, from diverse arts.
I hear ya man! I both understand and agree. However, one must be careful not to ignore windows of opportunity, no matter where they arise, nor how small we must make ourselves in order to take advantage of the opening.

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[b]Does he come to the States?
Will write you a PM on this one... shortly.


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