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Re: Techniques for beginners

1) Basic foot work drills (names may vary from dojo to dojo)
- Irimi
- Irmi Tenkan
- Ushiro Tenkan
- Tenkai Ashi
- Kaiten Ashi
- Tsugi Ashi
- Ayumi Ashi
-Tai Sabaki

2) As you start teaching the techniques, remind them of which bit of footwork gets them through the movment

3) No jerky movements as mentioned already in another post.
A 5th Kyu (relatively new yellow belt) hurt me that way and it took weeks to recover from the pain in my elbow...he was visiting from another dojo.

4) Start off teaching the following techniques in this position:
- Ai Hanmi Katate Tori
- Gyaku Hami Katate Tori
(Throw in a couple of Shomenuchi and Tsuki Chudan moves)
Do this in Tachi Waza and Katame Waza - have a couple of moves for Suwari Waza

5) The techniques for the above:
Shiho nage, Irmi nage, Uchikaiten nage, Kote Gaeshi (for ai Hanmi)

Do the same plus Tenchi nage, Udekime nage, Kokyu Ho, Kokyu nage for (Gyaku Hami stance)

For Shomen and Tsuki you can do Irmi and Kote Gaeshi.

Of course for Katame Waza go for Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo, and Uchikaiten Sankyo.

6) Doh, forgot Ukemi - very important, and you can do this after they learn the foot work...
- Ushiro Ukemi
- Mae Ukemi
- Yoko Ukemi

In the end this should keep you busy with them for a good 6 months as you practice omote and ura version of this. Took me 10 months to get it all down, but I practiced 2 times a week and learned by listening in a language I dont know (Japanese and Hungarian.) - so you may be able to do it sooner than me.

However I think the above consist of good basics.

Some may think that Ai Hanmi as well as Gyaku Hami is to basic...but I think it builds on a good foundation before going into depth with Yokomen and other moves.



p.s. - half hour may be good at first for foot drill, but I say no less than one and a half hours.
Use the first half to warm up. (Including practicing ukemi and foot drills)

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