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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

Fred Little wrote: View Post
The argument Dan is making is actually quite silly and really not worth the validation of the many responses it has gotten.
Fred... my good man...

Seeing another's perspective is not the same as taking sides. I'm sure Dan is quite capable of standing up for himself, and certainly doesn't need me to defend him. However, casting aspersions as to what Dan can/can't do or whether what he "teaches" is/is not worthless... is completely unnecessary, if not ungentlemanly.

Whether Abe's ukes were hamming it up for the cameras is irrelevant. If they were, then it perhaps diminishes the man's real abilities and the art being portrayed. If they didn't, then a fair and logical question would be why and wherefore such training methods.

Developing sensitivity is one thing... ingrained and conditioned reflex is quite another... none of which has anything to do with making someone look good on/off camera.... which some people might call "acting".

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