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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

How soon they forget!

I kind of remember a time when you couldn't post about anything without being told about your average aikidoka's inability to deal with someone "closing the distance", how "90% of all fights go to the ground", etc. It was the previous posting rage as I recall and that was fine. I read posts by Jason Delucia, Dan Austin, Roy Dean, Kevin L, etc about MMA in many of the forums. I do not recall any of the MMA folks who combined what they learned with aikido getting their posts pulled out of a thread about aikido and put into a a category named "non-aikido". And DR aiki seems a lot closer to aikido than MMA.

Wink all you like, Dan. The problem I was suggesting was that we could have a separate forum AS WELL AS rename it to ANTHING without the phrase "non-aikido" in it - which seems like it would satify everyone.

Since I kind of notice thread names changing frequently, it really seemed like a simple request that would harm no one.

As far as my personal faux-pas regarding Jun's background. I got the impression that my thougths about what was aikido was "invalid" and I was having trouble relating to why we would be at odds having a similar background. Honestly, it didn't seem like a big stretch to me. If he wanted to be all anonymous, as the admin I would assume he could have picked a different name like "john smith" for instance. It certainly wasn't obvious that it was a taboo subject to me, but now that I know I'll do my best to respect his wishes.

And honestly, if this is not the correct place to provide feedback on the name of the forum, then I'm really confused about what this thread was for discussing.

As far as opinion polls. Since when is truth going to be "popular"?

The funny thing is I already dropped the issue with Jun and I'm just arguing with other folks for my daring to raise the issue in the first place.


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