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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

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On May 22, 2004, my Sensei organized a "Day of Harmony" to honor the pioneers of Aikido in the Philippines. In preparation for this he travelled to Manila (he lives in Urdaneta, Pangasinan, more than 3 hours away) to personally meet and invite Talag Sensei and Gavileno Sensei.. He also met with Alejo Sensei, Lapus Sensei and Reyes Sensei, and sent one of my dojomates to personally invite Camar Sensei.
At the event, only Alejo Sensei and Reyes Sensei arrived. But the intent to honor all the pioneers of Philippine AIkido was there.
You can learn more about this event and see some of the pictures taken on this website:
Kumusta to all. I just have a question that I have in mind that I want to ask. Is sensei Reyes from Olongapo City? If he is then maybe he is related to my fraternity sister Tess at the FEU in the late 70's. One more thing also,,, I met a guy in San Diego by the name of Mar DeLeon in the early 90"s and he told me that he came from the Philippine Aikikai Dojo. Anyone knows Mar DeLeon? The last time I went down to San Diego his dojo was not there anymore.

Well, just dropping by also to say hello to all fellow PINOYS .
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