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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Asking would be a waste of time. There are levels of resistance that are profound and refined and not gross resistance. What do you think I was offering to do? I'm a gentleman. The former-is a trained skill that is demonstrable and obviously different than a 28 yr old going after a 90 yr old guy. Come on guy.
There are easy and small finite tests, larger tests, static and moving tests, and then while I am a lowly mudansha in Aikido I can fly and move quite well. So offering a shomen or a wrist grab, or just standing there and seeing if he can "suggest" I fall, can be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon for both parties. In fact I'd be willing to bet no one even breaks a sweat.
That type of training is empty and requires conditioned responses or it will not work. It is that simple.
Let's See Abe Sensei practice with O'Sensei...O'Sensei performed many of the same "conditioned response" techniques late in his life on film...So several conclusions can be drawn from this simple premise

O'Sensei taught Abe Sensei and what O'Sensei was teaching is authentic
O'Sensei taught Abe Sensei and what O'Sensei was teaching was a series of not very good parlor tricks...

There are many many layers of this rhetorical fallacy as you know Dan so do we really need to parse them?

here's another one from my perspective as a dear reader... Rob Liberti whom I respect greatly and have started to develop a good friednship with says you're the real deal. I believe him

Shaun Ravens who has personally taught by Abe Sensei and is a great dude whom I have practiced with says Abe Sensei is the real deal and I believe him...

I am confused Why does this thread have to be like Thunderdome?

it is equally possible with regard to Internal Power

A. Both You and Abe Sensei are wrong
B. Both you and Abe Sensei are right
C. Abe Sensei is wrong and you are right
D.If Abe Sensei is wrong then O'Sensei is wrong because Abe Sensei learned from him
E. Abe Sensei is right and you are wrong
F. We're comparing Apples to Oranges
G. I have been hit on the head too many times with a surfboard

help me out here and the rest of the gentle readers.

William Hazen
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