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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Some posted that vid of the Chinese 94 year old man demonstrating his awesome IMA Skills and I did not see one Aikidoka post the desire to attack him to prove his technique...
And outside of your inflammatory remark where did you see that here? Inflating comments are rarely productive in a discussion.
The 94 yr old guy was doing small tests and display of skill involving........touching and grabbing.
No one was flying through the air by a hand signal.
Lets see I saw a video of Chinese guy who was in his 70's that was interesting. I went to meet him too. He had real power was not afraid to show it and delvered. In fact he delighted in it. There was no whining..and no "fighting" either. Though he did try a bit.
tests William...tests. What part of two posts did you miss?
William Hazen wrote: View Post
Here's ABE Sensei having fun and sharing his knowledge with a curious outsider and some folks want to dis him for it...
With all due respect...Meet me at the Dojo.
William Hazen
Well actually it was a given that it was a goof till others said yeah...he does train that way too. By and large the discussionwas more that that ypt of training we have all seen before is empty. Shaun chose to defend it as relevent.
There is nothing personal here.

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