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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

He Josh
I agree totally
It seems many assume 'power" to be a type of fixed strength to go through people. That is only one small portion of power. I could argue the opposite as well, having power to stand there and not receive much direct power as possible and be able to redirect it while retaining a higher percentage of retained balance without stress.
you can stress the balance of most people with relative ease, then use directed force to undo them. Most I have met are simply undone when meeting the guys out there who's centers they cannot touch while they are moved all around. that level of sensitivity and softness can be ghosty soft, fleeting and hard to find or hit you like and anvil and crush you. So power is not a single entity. It is myriad, it is power in use.
Having great body conditioning for internal power- leads to aiki. Or you could say "is aiki" if you were trying to be short.
In my view you can have the former without the later but you cannot have the later without the former.
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