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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Could you please post that in the aikido, V thread. I don't think it fits here.
if Jun wants to he can put my answer there to.

All due respect in return. What the heck do you think I have been doing bud? Do you know how many guys have come here? I mean. Heelloo!
I don't travel to do seminars, If I can it is for my won training in a koryu.
Why not go to Mike? or Ark?

I keep tryng to plan another seminar here again as I have been blasted with emails asking for one, but its been difficult to find time.
I don't do this for money, I do it for fun, and its interesting to me. So there isn't any compelling reason to "get out there" for me.
Talking about people experiences is interesting as well and a nce diversion from work.
Well forgive me for saying Dan but how about a little vid? Ya know the infamous You Tube or a privately produced DVDR showing how to integrate Aiki into Aikido.

Heck Mark Murry did it a tad and look at the great discussion it generated...

And sorry Dan but again with all due respect you chose to wear the crown... so you have no choice but to act like a King and find a "skillful means" to impart your experience upon your subjects.

The best of the Aikiweb is about sharing the knowledge my friend and with all due respect Bud you have been talking and talking and talking....

At least folks like Abe Sensei are on film.


William Hazen
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