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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

I'm pretty much in agreement with you there. Stop and think of that statement "Jun changed aikiweb to allow for discussions of it."
Anyone want to add a "WOW!"
Has anyone seen the heavy-handed moderating with transparently clear bias and agendas on other boards?
It’s going to be tough for guys like Rob who teach at three dojos and sees this training as an absolute in his Aikido. He stands alone among all the guys who tried training this way with me, He may even stand alone nationally for an aikido teacher with three dojos who is training this way not at yearly seminars- but somewhat regularly, who is also in a position to immediately effect aikido, and change training to accent aiki as he may see fit, or as he and his teacher sees fit.
Long sentence to state he is somewhat unique at this phase of the game in reaching out to get it and bring it back in. I don't know how often Ikeda is out there with another teacher just training aiki. Now that I am on that topic. There is another guy Ikeda. He greatly outrankes Rob and has more students, but by his own admission the training he is getting from Ushiro is aiki for use in his aikido. So the sources are not just Daito ryu, and Taiji but from Karate as well. Which kind of makes the whole point-pointless. It's all related, so what is not aikido/DR/Karate/Taiji/ Asian arts?

Aikidoka talking about
As he sees his body change and his ability to mainfest aiki grow-he is natrually going to want to talk about it. I see him as a bit of an experiment for what may happen in aikido. That's probably why he feels a sense of right to talk about what he sees, and what he is doing in three dojo teaching Aikido. I've actually never talked with him about this issue-we're to busy when I see him, so if I misunderstood you Rob my apologies.

I feel compelled to add that Jun has gone after me for my posting style many times, but he has stuck with me as I tried to soften my approach. To me that alone speaks volumes of his moderating and tolerence.
I thought long and hard about how to frame that "Aikido and where are we at" thread. for just reason-respect
I think Juns point is precise though.
a) Talk about aiki training in context of aikido, how it relates, in the larger forums.
b) Talk about where it came from or how it used in other arts in the Non-Aikido forum.
I think that’s pretty clear.

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