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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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I kind of got the feeling over the years that THE most offensive thing you could do on aikiweb was tell someone that they weren't doing "aikido" at all.
I have a fairly good idea based on lots of real hard work and experience what is aikido and what is non-aikido.
- basically anything not unilaterally dismissing what I am teaching as aikido in my aikido class as non-aikido.
I am mindful of a really great line from a really bad film Shogun When the Daimyo (himself planning to take over Japan as Shogun) asks the pirate Captain.
"When is rebellion not considered a crime?"
"When you win."
"Yes" smiles the soon to be Shogun. "That is the correct answer. When you win."

1988 Ueshiba family states he trained in many Koryu to make Aikido and "he did a little Daito ryu too.
2008 I thought everybody knew it was from Daito ryu. His first dojo was ONLY doing Daito ryu. Oh.... you must mean in the old days when people didn't know Ueshiba studied nothing in depth BUT Daito ryu

so now we have
2003 What is aiki? What is ki? What do you mean it was lost? It's in Daito ryu?? Its in Taiji?? Its the same stuff Ueshiba did and aikido people don't know it?? What??
Grand debates, fights, testing, meet-ups and revelations on a grand scale led to
2008 What was called untrue is already being trained by several teachers in Aikido, all of whom apparently think it was and is the aiki in aikido all along.

2020? "What? I thought everybody knew this was aiki"....
Oh You must mean in the old days when Aikido people didn't know how to train Aiki.

Because it is so profound, aiki training is simply going to change the face of aikido as it is currently known. No one having felt it will not want to learn it. It was aikido, it will be aikido again.

In the mean time we are guests in someone elses house.
Thems the rules. Play nice.
Here's a thought. This stuff is outragously controversial. So many forums have tried to squelch it as it is pissing off the rank and file who haven't got it and cannot defend against the 'in your face" truth it reveals.
Jun gave it a home. That aint bad.

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