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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
I thought it was quite clear...

A simple request really... and in keeping with the thrust of the first post of this thread.

I think Ellis's post #12 quite eloquently says it all. So, to prevent further misunderstandings, perhaps this thread should be locked, as any further discussion regarding the formation of the NAMT forum is moot.
geeze fine... what was unclear is why my opinion of "directly" related to aikido suddenly was wrong.

I kind of got the feeling over the years that THE most offensive thing you could do on aikiweb was tell someone that they weren't doing "aikido" at all.

I've so far stated that about 1 teacher - took hell for it (not from Jun), and didn't back down becuase the world should know when a 3rd kyu claims 8th dan and hangs a shingle.

I'm not saying the people not learning aiki in a more direct way are not doing aikido - just approaching it slower like I did for decades.

Honestly, I was just at a knife combat class with Gleason sensei - and you won't see me writing how that IS aikido. I have a fairly good idea based on lots of real hard work and experience what is aikido and what is non-aikido.

That amount of life-effort into something, when shared, and then dismissed as "non-aikido" sends kind of a invalidating feeling as opposed to being "all huffy" as Ellis discussed in your favorite post there, Ignatius. But to be honest I would have been a lot happier with Ellis's idea in calling it the "Popular Body Mechanics" forum or even "unpopular body mechanics" forum - basically anything not unilaterally dismissing what I am teaching as aikido in my aikido class as non-aikido.