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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

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If you do nothing other than read this thread and be open to the fact that there are people out there, Abe Sensei being one of them, the gentleman in the video that Rob John posted being another, who are at a level that is beyond what most people even understand as higher martial abilities and understandings, and it moves you in some fashion to even consider that there may be other ideas to embrace, then you will be one giant step closer to where it is that you are saying you are trying to get..
To Shaun and Ron

I think that this video will do nothing but cause serious people to doubt. I think its worth noting that there are men of power who would NEVER allow the sort of things displayed in this video. Their control is through connection, or power release through contact. No cooperation is needed or asked. Why would he do this stuff?
This is nothing more than over exaggerated flinch response, coupled with ukemi skills. Not to take away from Mr. Abe. I am not addressing his purported skills. Let’s say they are everything claimed. Having power-has not one thing to do with ukes training to be sooo overly sensitive that they throw themselves through the air with "perceived" movement from him. It's not martially relevant in any way and the degree of sensitivity displayed by the uke? Will not get you even one step closer to power and aiki then if you never trained at all.

And why would you spend a ten year curve to increase your sensitivity to his movements -to be thrown? I would have imagined that 3 or 4 years out the training would have caused the opposite effect. Why didn't the sensitivity to his movements start to preclude, and make it far more difficult for most any attempt at throwing you.

Again I'm not making any comment about Abe sensei’s power at all. I am just offering that there is a distinction between having "it" at any level and "what" those guys are choosing to "do together." Which has not one thing to do with

Ron and Shaun
Since you both trained with him, can anyone state where an equal amount of time spent training structure, retained balance and intent would not be more beneficial then learning to dodge and throw yourself from a perceived hand signal?
Was his regular training like this? I have dealt with real power before. Never once did I consider throwing myself as an option. Was the whole video just one big goof? I heard and thought he was a more seriously skilled type.

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