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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

Shaun Ravens wrote: View Post

You are free to form whatever opinion you want of some made for TV special video clip on the internet. One thing is for sure though and that is when Abe Sensei wants to throw you, and I mean outside of the introductory level waza that 99% of the students receive 99% of the time, you will hit the ground and not be sure at all as to how you got there. It will most definitely not be because you threw yourself, either. On the rarest of occasions when Abe Sensei had me truly attack him, he threw me in a manner that, short of when I broke my car into four pieces, was more physical than anything I have ever experienced before or since.

If you do nothing other than read this thread and be open to the fact that there are people out there, Abe Sensei being one of them, the gentleman in the video that Rob John posted being another, who are at a level that is beyond what most people even understand as higher martial abilities and understandings, and it moves you in some fashion to even consider that there may be other ideas to embrace, then you will be one giant step closer to where it is that you are saying you are trying to get.

Sean, Thanks for another of many good posts recently.
If I could re-write this post for myself, I would write in the names of Kato Sensei and Anno Sensei for Abe Sensei(since I haven't had the distinct pleasure). And I could say similar things about my training as Sensei Ravens has done. True,true,true!!!!!

I thought of a metaphor last night:
After one 'gets hit plays chicken' with oncoming traffic several times, one learns to intuit and turn the wheel a little sooner.

Thank you Sensei Mack Truck!


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