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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

I just noticed this. Call discussions about learning internal skills and aiki non-aikido if you like, but there is no stoppping it...

Here I am an aikido-a-holic for decades, and I am convinced that what Dan Harden is doing in his non-aikido martial tradition is the same aiki as what Gleason sensei does in aikido. I've been promoted to yondan by the same teacher that is Jun's teacher. I teach at 3 ASU aikido schools. I will be teaching a lot of what Dan shows me AS AIKIDO in Jun's own organization - heck even to interested people in his dojo eventually. The bottomline here is that it's happening... No stopping it now. Call it what you like... I just appreciate having a place to discuss things even if they are improperly named.