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Re: Irimi Nage as Kokyu nage?

Daren Sims wrote: View Post
Suggest you start a poll - how many of us have tried to visualise this immediately. 99% ? and how many will think about it next time they try IN?

If I can't keep a straight face teaching this I'll be blaming you Rob!
I knew a guy that was opening up a dojo in Ohio, and I tried really hard to get him to call his school "Ohio gozaimasu"! I think people take their art way too seriously. Work so hard that you can joke around and still no one can say you are not serious - that's my motto!

As far as Iriminage is concerned - can you retract your arms toward yourself without pulling uke? It's like extending/expanding your arms in ikkyo without pushing, or expanding your arms upward in shihonage without lifting. If you can't - eating more rice isn't going to help. Think about structure, and thrust and slice from inside your body.

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