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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

Jason Mayo wrote: View Post
If they wanted to train coordination and responsiveness, why not just do it with real technique?
Because it's easier to respond when you're physically connected? What I'm guessing could be done any number of ways...and I'm not even sure that's the purpose.

I cant count the number of times i heard a sensei tell a new student "now just take a roll". And ten times out of ten, that student stopped coming back, probably because they werent interested in something theatrical.
100%? Sounds like theatrics isn't much of an issue then.

Why cant people accept that this is what is happening in these videos, only on a much greater level? I can see the purpose of such techniques as kaiten-nage or tenchi-nage, for example, that arent really effective in a martial sense but are more of a "forging technique".I dont like them, but i can see the point. But these demonstrations are taking that concept into a VERY theatrical area.
For all I know you're right. However, considering what accounts I've been reading about Seiseki Abe, I'm assuming there's something more to it than mere theatrics.

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