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Michael Hackett
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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?


When I read your account of the academy training, I had a flashback to my own boot camp days at MCRD, San Diego. We went through a lot of hours in "hand-to-hand combat" instruction from some pretty talented people (guys who followed on after Frank Duran Sensei) and I remember that we thought we were pretty hot stuff. At the conclusion of the last class the instructor told us what skilled warriors we were and then finished by telling us that we would probably get the snot beat out of us on boot camp leave by an angry Girl Scout. That didn't happen to me and I still am cautious around Girl Scouts.

I hope some of them listened to you and will take advantage. My bet is that if you had a class of thirty, you will get one to follow through. Man, would I like to be wrong here. How about following up in a few months and let us know if anyone was awake that day?

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