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Re: Train In Ki And Why

Originally posted by chadsieger
The first time he grabbed me katate dori (one hand on one hand) I instantly knew that his ten years training had been an almost complete waste in terms of budo. Had I chosen I could have thrown him easily, and in any manner that I felt. His ki field was hallow. We had a two-month white belt, who although did not have the sensitivity to tell, had greater ki as well.
OK - sometimes new posters are just too easy. Chad - why don't you introduce yourself, how long have you practiced, who is your sensei, what affiliation. Right now all we have to go on is something that comes across as "only me and my sensei have the answer to all the world". Basically I have heard stuff like that before and it usually covers up a serious shortcoming in Aikido. What is your definition of Budo?

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