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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?


In many respects our Army Combatives Program works much the same way. We have a certification process that is the "basics".

We also conduct formalized unit training as well from time to time.

We also encourage "extracurricular" activity outside of the workplace. We kinda unofficially have "clubs" that offer training that is a little more holistic and focused on the art and game.

For instance in the Wash DC area, we have a bunch of senior Martial Artist that have formed the Pentagon Combatives Association. We offer free training to military members in BJJ and "Contemporary Combatives". We have locations at major buildings and post around the area. You can pretty much recieve high quality training for free everyday of the week...about 12 hours of training if you like.

It seems to work well for those that want to take the time to learn more.

Yeah, I agree Michael, when you are doing "formal" training, you have to distill it down to the basics, cause that is all the time you have to spend. I think our basic program does a decent job of baseline stuff, but of course, it is not enough, only a beginning.

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