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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Like I said, there's no way I can disagree with anything you guys are saying, as these are just choices and sacrifices we choose to make in light of the agendas we allow ourselves to adopt. There's give and take in everything going on here.

In the future, in fact, my position may change - as that is the great unknown. Up to now, the largest group of folks I've been officially responsible for is an Academy class of recruits. By choice, because of the pressure to become other than I have chosen to be, I've limited myself to "advanced" training, "outside" training, "extra" training, etc., regarding law enforcement personnel.

Right now, even though all folks are welcome, and the training is offered free, four times per week, people still have to seek me out and come to me, on my ground. As I said before, I offer them nothing (e.g. certification) but the chance to continue working on their craft. I try to stay as unofficial as I can be.

We'll see how that fairs next year, since I've already been slotted by my department to assist with the arrest and control training for the entire agency on an "official" basis.

When I taught the Academy class, and I was forced to play off my court, forced to place my convictions next to the agendas at hand. I chose to deal with things this way: I told folks what they were learning was the bare basics, meant to address folks that were at most passive resistant during arrest. I explained that the ARCON program they were being certified in was meant to operate as a base, for them to build upon. Building upon it was left up to them, in the very same way that learning to operate a firearm in the Academy was. As no one expected them in the field to only be able to shoot from a static position against stationary paper targets with safe backdrops, etc., no one expects them to only face passive resistant suspects.

I felt fine telling them this, being very clear about it, because I also offered to them the training that goes on top of the base they were learning - for free, four times a week.

We'll see if this holds up against an entire agency. If it doesn't, for better or for worse, I usually am "self-destructive" enough to side with my convictions and return to my unofficial status.

thanks for the great replies.

David M. Valadez
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